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Forza Trucking is a Virtual Trucking Company for ETS2 and ATS. Welcome to our official website.

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Why Choose Forza?

At Forza Trucking we value the time and effort our drivers put in to help our community grow and be inviting for all who join. We have a staff team who are friendly, experienced, and passionate about our VTC. Our recruitment system allows us to welcome drivers who abide by TruckersMP rules and match the same levels of passion we ask of our staff and existing drivers. We want our drivers to enjoy their time in the VTC so we are not too strict in what we require of our drivers.

Active VTC

We always ensure that we only keep members who are active within the company, this keeps convoy attendance high and the discord server lively.

Driver Ranking System

Our driver ranking system gives our drivers something to work towards, allows them to progress up the ranks of the company and in turn unlock rewards on our discord server.

Great Community

Our community is growing by the day, with over 550 members currently, you’ll always have someone to play with or chat to. Why not check it out for yourself?

Multiple Convoys Every Week

With at least two convoys each week, our drivers often get to drive with others; whether it be a public convoy, a private one, or our monthly Haul With Forza convoy.

Since 2018

Forza has been around in the TruckersMP community since 2018 and it's ran by some very experienced individuals who know exactly what they're doing.


Since we reopened 7 months ago we have had over 250 driver registrations. We never imagined we would experience such a growth in the span of 7 months.

Drivers Hub Coming Soon

Our development team is always busy, trying to come up with things that would make us standout from others. Since we reopened, we've been trying to provide our drivers with features which would help them experience virtual trucking like never before. Forza's development team is currently busy working on a project. Keep an eye out.

Join Us, Apply Today!

If you meet all of our requirements, then you can apply to join us below. Fill out our application with your details and a member from our HR team will respond within 24 hours. Once accepted we will get you sorted with your own Forza ID number and a Forza paint job for your truck.


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