26th May 2018

The beginning

Forza Trucking was founded on the 26th of May 2018. We were founded with the intention of building a community of people who loved to drive and create new experiences together. Most of our founding members didn’t know the simplest things about VTCs, and yet we dreamed of Forza and what it could become. By late 2018 our dream had become a reality, Forza had grown beyond our wildest expectations to reach 150+ registered drivers with a caring and enthusiastic staff team to accompany the ever expanding community.

Then, in February 2019 Forza came to an end. With no plans to reopen anytime soon it was seemingly gone for good. It was tough to say goodbye to our drivers and put an end to a community we had worked so hard on.

Reopening forza

17th April 2020

On April 17th Forza made its much awaited return to TMP. We were back, and better than ever. We recruited heavily in development staff to work on a few of our projects and this very website you are looking at now. Our community has regrown quickly, and we are always striving to improve and take on new drivers.

What's Next

What do we plan to do next, you may ask. With Forza now reopened and our driver count growing once again we will be working to improve our driver satisfaction. We’ll be releasing lots of new features for our drivers, many of which are now being developed by our development team. We’re improving the overall quality of our community by removing inactive drivers as well as recruiting skilled and experienced staff members. With new additions round the corner and our drivers back to pounding the asphalt, the future of Forza is a bright one.