Our Team

We’re always looking to grow our team of staff with hardworking individuals who want unity and help Forza grow. You can find out more about them in their own words: to help our community and the drivers within it. Our current staff team are dedicated and passionate members of Forza that bring their existing skills forward.

Forza Management

With such a large VTC there is always a need for guidance within our staff teams and this comes from the most experienced and respected members of Forza - the founder and the department managers, these members know their staff department well and ensure each department works to a high standard and deals with any issues from the staff under their leadership.

Development Department

A team of hard working developers

Human Resource Department

Individuals who are responsible for dealing with VTC applications and helping our trainees go through the joining procedure

Examination Department

The examination department of Forza conducts trial driver examinations to ensure only skilled drivers get to join the VTC.

Events Department

Text is yet to be added here.

Media Department

The department that's responsible for producing high-quality photos and videos for the VTC.