Join Forza

If you think this is something for you, then come join us. Experience virtual trucking at its best


Please apply only if you're serious enough to meet the minimum requirements and truly interested in joining
Unfortunately we have to kick a lot of drivers every month due to lack of seriousness.

Please keep in mind, meeting all the requirements DOES NOT guarantee acceptance. To have a better chance at being accepted, make sure your application is written properly and with great care.

3 Phases

The process of joining Forza is fairly simple. The entire process is divided into three phases. They are the Application Phase, Basic Training Phase and the Trial Driver Phase respectively. It takes four to five days on average for becoming a full driver at Forza. Have a look at the detailed explanation below.


It all starts after an interested applicant submits the application form. Upon submission, the application is sent to our Human Resource Department, which will then deal with it accordingly.

Basic Training

Once accepted, applicants are required to go through the basic training phase. In this phase, they learn about our rules, acquire our official paint-job and player-tag and do a few other necessary things.

Trial Driver Phase

Once basic training is complete, trainees go through a trial phase of 3 days. We put their driving skills to the test and observe whether we receive any reports against them from any other VTC.